Thursday, March 31, 2011

Whitney Houston Pulls Bobbi Kristina Out of Drug Rehab, Looks to Dionne Warwick For Help: report

Earlier this month, news broke that Bobbi Kristina, the 18-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby "Bobbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaay!" Brown, is addicted to cocaine and alcohol and prescription pills and boys. In fact, an ex-boyfriend sold photos of Bobbi Kris allegedly snorting cocaine on different occasions to the National Enquirer. In the days following the bombshell report, Bobbi Kris said she was set-up. After the dust-up, Whitney called a family meeting and shipped off Bobbi Kris to rehab, but the teenager refused to admit she has an addiction problem, allegedly saying she just snort cocaine "for fun." Now, it's been reported that Whitney paid $49,000 to send Bobbi Kris to Talbott Recovery Campus, an alcohol and drug abuse treatment center in Atlanta, Ga. Bobbi Kris was there for less than 24 hours before Whitney pulled her out. Now, the legendary singer has turned to her cousin and cheerleader, Dionne Warwick, for help, according to the Enquirer.
"....Whitney pulled Krissi out of the program after one day because she was afraid of what Krissi would tell the other addicts in group sessions," the source revealed. "Krissi has been fighting rehab anyway, saying she's not addicted to cocaine.

Whitney feared that her rebel daughter would reveal secrets about their dysfunctional family while in theraphy, said the source....After yanking Krissi out of rehab, Whitney begged her 70-year-old cousin for help, said the source.

"Whitney had seen Dionne on 'Celebrity Apprentice' and was impressed with how she kept her cool. So she put out a call to her," the source revealed. "Dionne agreed to help, and she told Whitney straight out that she may be a movie and singing star, but she's got to spend more time at home. Most importantly, she needs to get more involved with her daughter!' She also told Whitney that Whitney had to step up as a single mom. Dionne told her, 'Krissi needs you. You're her only hope.'"

Grammy winner Dionne -- famous for the '60s hits "Walk on By" and "I Say a Little Prayer" -- blames Bobby for getting Whitney hooked on hard drugs, said another source, and thinks he's a bad influence on Krissi.

"Dionne very brutally told Whitney to keep Krissi away from Bobby," the source divulged. "She also thinks Krissi wasn't disciplined enough while she was growing up, and Dionne advised Whitney to take action right now or she may end up wasting years in a drug haze."
Source: National Enquirer, April 11, print edition.
According to the report, Whitney has heeded Dionne's advice and is spending more time at home with Bobbi Kristina because "she knows she has to keep Krissi as close as she can or the problems could get even worse." No word yet if any of this (including her brief stint in rehab) will be part of Bobbi Kristina's eagerly awaited reality show.
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