Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lady Who Believes She Can See Dead People Kills Daughter Because God Told Her To

Dora Alicia Tejada Pleitez, 26, of Nantucket, Mass. was charged with murder Tuesday after she shoved a rose down her 3-year-old daughter's throat - killing the girl - in the hopes of riding the child of demons because -- you guessed it -- God told her to. At one point, Dora said she realized the rose was actually her fist and that “the devil’’ bit her hand through her daughter. When cops arrived, they found several pink roses and rose petals on the floor around Nicole Garcia's body.
Tejada Pleitez initially told authorities that she and her daughter had fallen asleep together on the couch. At one point, she and Nicole fell to the floor, and all she remembered was people taking the girl from her, according to a police report. She also told authorities that her sister-in-law had given her candy to give to Nicole and her toddler son, Luis, who was also by her side. But the sister-in-law, Deonila Tema, told authorities that the passing of candy never happened, and that she was scared because Tejada Pleitez was acting strangely, the police report stated. Tema said Tejada Pleitez kept asking her to pray for her, and that she was “asking for mercy for her and her children,’’ according to court records. Tema left the house to call her husband, Amilear Tejada, Tejada Pleitez’s brother, asking him to come home. On the way, he told authorities, he called his sister, who told him that they needed to pray and that their third sibling, Maria Elena, was in the room with her. Maria Elena died several years ago, according to court records. Amilear Tejada also told authorities that his sister Tejada Pleitez has said several times before that she has been “given a gift by God that allowed her to see people that passed away.’’ When Amilear Tejada arrived at his sister’s home, he found her on the couch with Nicole unresponsive in her arms. She told him that Nicole’s face looked like Maria Elena’s, and she would not let him take her daughter from her arms, the report said. Amilear Tejada called other family members, including the girl’s father, Juan Garcia, and the family pastor. Family members then tried unsuccessfully to administer the child first aid. A spokeswoman for the state Department of Children and Families said the agency had no history with the family.
Dora had the gall to plead not guilty. She was denied bail and ordered to undergo a pyshiatric examination cause bitch is crazy.
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