Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Plastic Surgeon Lit Patient on Fire

On her first day as a visiting plastic surgeon at a hospital in London, Dr Christina Brunner, 45, (pictured) accidentally set a patient, who was getting a boob job, on fire then tried to cover it up.
Dr Christina... inadvertently started the blaze on the operating table with a piece of medical equipment, causing a blister the size of a 50p coin to the woman’s right breast. But as the woman was about to come around from her anaesthetic, Dr Brunner told nurses to keep quiet and say the injury was caused by an allergic reaction. She also told staff to “extensively dress” the 24-year-old patient’s chest so the injury would not be spotted by visitors. Yesterday, a consultant anaesthetist who witnessed the incident, on Sept 11, 2008, told a General Medical Council hearing in Manchester that she had urged the German-born Dr Brunner to tell the truth, but the surgeon behaved “inappropriately”. Dr Nada Hadi said: “At the end of the procedure the breast looked red and raw, and blistering started to appear. Dr Brunner said, 'I am going to tell her, the patient, it’s an allergic reaction’. She said she didn’t want anyone talking to the patient as that was her job and said that she would deal with it.” The woman was later given morphine to ease the pain, which Dr Hadi said was so bad that it rated 10 out of 10.
Electrical instruments touched a swab, setting it on fire, the court heard. The fire quickly spread to surgical drapes protecting the patient and it was quickly put out. During yesterday's hearing, Dr Brunner (who shall forever be known as Dr Burner) admitted telling staff not to tell the woman about the fire but insisted she only did it to "protect" the patient. Yeah, right! She was only trying to protect her ass.
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