Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chinese Sculpture Deemed 'Indecent'

A recently erected (pun intended) sculpture in China's Guilin city named “Helping the Elderly”, has created quite a stir -- for reasons that are quite obvious. The sculpture features two naked women carrying a naked man with an inscription below reading “Wife on the left, daughter-in-law on the right, the moral is of family harmony, harmonious coexistence, supporting each other, respecting and loving the elderly.”

FYI: This is the Google translation of a Chinese article:
Ms. Lee told reporters that residential property owners, the meaning of the sculpture shown look like a mobility of older men, the leading scorer with his wife and daughter to the toilet. But in real life, this scenario is rare. The man's genitals carved sculptures so obvious, not decency, "wearing" the dress pants may be a good point. Furthermore, the sculpture looks like a designer in the comedy, did not reflect the meaning of the old help. The other day, there are the owners of residential sculpture into a picture sent to the Web, immediate hot friends. Some netizens said the sculpture is "the most ridiculous of Guilin's most cattle sculpture"; have said the sculpture was too avant-garde friends, is a challenge to traditional ethics; there are many friends in the curse sculpture designers. Among them, the users, "the angel food candy," said: "Not everyone has that kind of advanced thinking and abstract artistic! Now on the community, where people are living, this sculpture is very inappropriate, to take care of most of the common people thought right. "netizens" bkzhengliu "said:" This sculpture base on the extremely vulgar, and very yellow, it is strongly recommended removal, the destruction of the sculpture. "

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