Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Homeless Men Beaten on Video for $50 File Suit

A St. Petersburg, Florida company making money selling fetish videos of women violently beating up crackheads has been slapped with a lawsuit that claims that the men in the videos are homeless and are being taken advantage of. According to the suit, the men -- many of them crackheads -- are paid $50 to participate in the fetish videos, which are posted on then posted on SheFights.net and sell for at least $600 a pop.
Local homeless advocate G.W. Rolle said for months he noticed men walking around Williams Park with black eyes, split lips and limps before he finally got someone to tell him about the "beatdowns," as they have come to be known among the homeless. He began interviewing and photographing several men with similar stories and injuries, and attorneys representing two of the men have filed a lawsuit against Jeff Williams of Shefights.net, J.P. Florida Productions, "Cindy Doe" and "Jane Does 1-5." Southern Legal Counsel, which has represented St. Petersburg's homeless in the past, filed the suit seeking an injunction to stop the beatings, saying the men were vulnerable and desperate for money....Rolle digitally recorded hours of homeless men describing similar experiences of being recruited on the street and taken to a townhouse on First Avenue S between 16th and 17th streets. Some described the beatings happening in a garage, some say they were beaten in a back yard in front of spectators. The men say they were offered $25 to be whipped and $50 to be beaten by the women. They were not allowed to fight back, they say, and did not get paid if they quit before the 12 minutes expired. The lawsuit filed against Shefights.net alleges that Shaw suffered broken ribs, a dislocated jaw, back injuries and a dislocated arm on two different visits to 73 16th St. S. Grayson, the suit says, sustained bruises and multiple lacerations. Jail records show Shaw in the past has been charged with theft, criminal mischief and simple battery. Grayson has been charged with burglary, robbery and dealing in stolen property. Williams, 58, of Shefights.net, has no criminal record.
Jeff says the men signed liability releases and were willing participants who returned to participate several times. According to prosecutors, the videos also violate Florida's hate crimes law that specifically protects the homeless. The suit is seeking unspecified damages for medical costs and emotional distress and for money to buy more crack. Heeeyyyyyy!!!!
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