Friday, April 8, 2011

WATCH: Car Chase Suspect Dragged to Jail Kicking, Screaming and Ranting Like a Mad Man

Shortly before noon, Citrus Heights (that's in California) police tried to pull Michael Millican over for a traffic violation which led into a slow-speed chase on the freeway. The pursuit ended when the Michael pulled into a gas station and that's when things got utterly batty. Officers broke Michael's windshield with a baton and as they attempted to put him in backseat of the police cruiser, Michael began yelling that he was not a US citizen and that they had no rights to arrest him. Here's an excerpt: “I’m, uh, not a citizen of the United…you took my pants off? Look at this! This is…I will sue for this. I will [inaudible] for this in my court, because my court isn’t your court of California. The courts, the, the…do you know what the bar is? It’s the British Accredited Registry. That’s why lawyers are accredited by Britain, not America! It’s a fake system! It’s all for control!” Cops had to put a protective guard over his head because he was spitting at officers.

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