Friday, April 8, 2011

Week in Review: Butch Queen Messiness

Hello, boys and girls. Have a fantastic weekend! We'll be back Monday afternoon.

While we're away, if you have a tip about a story or something we should look into, post or get a chuckle from, please direct it here.

Here are some of the week's lowlights (and some highlights, too).
  1. The legendary Mister Cee, a DJ at Hot 97 radio station in NYC, was dragged out of the closet after cops caught him having sex with another man, er, a tranny!
  2. Gloria James (the mother of basketball player LeBron James) was arrested after she slapped a parking attendant. Video of her arrest and 911 call were also released.
  3. Rapper Gucci Mane was arrested for pushing a woman out of a moving car.
  4. Rapper Lil Webbie was arrested on drug charges.
  5. Flavor Flav is writing rubber checks to employees of his fried chicken restaurant.
  6. After performing the foxtrot on week three of Dancing with the Stars, Wendy was eliminated.
  7. We also got a chance to check out previews of Wendy's upcoming dating show on GSN.
  8. Atlanta Hawks player Jamal Crawford had the gall to sue his landlord after HIS dogs destroyed her home.
  9. A priest admitted to a having a sexual relationship with his cousin for years.
  10. A statute of Michael Jackson was erected in Britain to jeers. A sculpture of the singer dangling his son was also met with disdain.
  11. A crazy woman (with a radio in her head!!!) attacked a painting of two half-naked women because it's "very homosexual".
  12. Speaking of batshit crazy women, a woman lost her mind while on a date.
  13. And while we're on the topic of dates, a woman went to meet a man she met online. He beat and held her captive for days.
  14. Barack Obama formally announced that he wants to be president again.
  15. Malcolm X had sex with a white man.
  16. A man sexually assaulted another man with a 7"-long tree branch.
  17. A woman stabbed her husband of 70 years to death.
  18. Man spazzed out on the DC metro because there was no one else on the train.
  19. Rosie O'Donnell said Chris Brown haters are racist.
  20. Lil Wayne was forced to cancel an European tour because his visa was denied.
  21. Man poured a jug of semen he collected over a few weeks on the grounds of a TV station.
  22. The family of Etta James is still fighting over her money.
  23. An engaged coupled said they're going to walk 2500 miles to their wedding.
  24. A cemetery in Atlanta is creating a section for gay people only.
  25. Girl couldn't close her mouth after a yawn.
  26. A woman was stuck on a toilet for three days.
  27. Meanwhile, a man was superglued to a toilet at Walmart.
  28. A man murdered his wife then showed the body to her father on webcam.
  29. A greedy dog didn't give a toddler a chance.
  30. Two men were arrested and charged with DJ Megatron's death.
  31. A prostitution whore stole a man's money and hid it in her weave.
  32. Speaking of whores, a hooker shot and killed a client after she learned he has herpes.
  33. Dear Caucasian Neighbor....
  34. Man was arrested for blowing his nose.
  35. A well-trained dog, indeed.
  36. A judge ordered a racist woman to a lifetime of jury duty.
  37. This woman holds the world record for most plastic surgery and this man, for most tattooed person.
  38. The Grammys eliminated 31 categories making it more difficult for some of your idols to win.
  39. Naked man was photographed running down a highway.
  40. Bakery came under fire after it used a photo of a black baby to advertise chocolate cakes.
  41. Fight broke out at Bible study over weed.
  42. A police officer beat his girlfriend because she didn't hold his hand.
  43. Remains of the first gay caveman were discovered.
  44. Woman flicked her HIV-positive blood at police officers.
  45. Allen Iverson cursed out cops who pulled over his car and asked them: "Do you know who I am?"
  46. A woman tried to circumcise her baby with a box cutterafter she read the Bible and watched how-to videos on YouTube.
  47. Man tried to rob a bank but the teller just laughed at him.
  48. A man invented a kangaroo tail for humans to lean on. It's the most ridiculous thing ever.
  49. The cutest video of the week: A sleepy dog nods off.
  50. Tyler Perry gave a great-grandmother a brand new house.
  51. We learned that the po-pos aren't all bad people.
  52. ...On second thought.
  53. Charlie Sheen's show in NYC was received with a boos and people wanting their money back.
  54. Man went on a bizarre rant while being hauled off to jail.
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