Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WATCH: Mile-Wide Tornado Roars Through Tuscaloosa, Alabama

OMFG! An especially violent spring storm tore through the state of Alabama on Wednesday, tearing a path of destruction across the state and killing at least 53 people. In Tuscaloosa, a mile-wide tornado killed 15 people and injured hundreds, tossing boats from a store into an apartment complex, ripping holes in rooftops, and destroying a swath of retail establishments along a busy street. Hundreds of buildings and homes were leveled by the tornado, and Wednesday night there were fears more victims could be buried beneath the rubble. Hundred of thousands of residents have been left without power.


Update: April 28: Tuscaloosa Mayor Walter Maddox described the situation as being "beyond a nightmare:. At a news conference, he said: 36 deaths are confirmed in the city so far; at least 600 people have been injured; 44,000 are without power; the city is suffering a severe water shortage due to infrastructure damage; all of the city's trash hauling trucks have all been destroyed or seriously damaged; one fire station has been destroyed and one police station damaged; because of the possible dangerous situations, volunteers are not needed until Saturday.
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