Thursday, May 5, 2011

Man Steals $10K Worth of Legos

Target stores in Oklahoma City can breathe a sigh of relief as the person responsible for a giant Legos heist has been captured.
Police arrested 30-year-old Todd Franklin Curtis on April 30. A loss prevention officer at the Target on S.W. 44th Street told police she first spotted Curtis walking the aisles in the women's clothing section. Security watched him place several items in his shopping cart before he moved to the toy department. Once there, security officers said Curtis placed several large Lego boxes in his cart. He then pushed the cart to the front registers and left it while he walked outside. According to the police report, Curtis stopped outside the doors of Target to talk on his cell phone. Security officers told police after Curtis ended the call, he came back into the store and pushed the shopping cart filled with merchandise outside without paying for any of the items. Target reported in all, the merchandise was worth $1,275.93. The loss prevention officer told police Curtis resembled a photo of a man suspected of stealing Legos from numerous Target stores in the metro. Curtis' car also looked like the car used by the suspect in the other thefts. Police impounded Curtis' car and found several Lego boxes inside. The head of Target security told police the suspect had stolen more than $10,000 worth of Legos from several stores.
As some people suggested, perhaps Todd was collecting the Legos to build his sick, elderly mother a house to live in or a life-size girlfriend because nobody in their right mind would steal $10,000 worth of Legos just for fun, right?
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