Thursday, May 5, 2011

Judge Sentences Man to 203 YEARS IN PRISON For Robbing Gas Station of $100!

Yesterday in Shreveport, Louisiana, Melvin Johnson, 50, was sentenced to 198 years in prison for robbing a gas station in 2009. Plus, Caddo District Judge Craig Marcotte sentenced him to an additional five years in prison for using a firarm to commit the crime. So, kids, that's a total of 203 years!!!
“I hope this sentence sends out a message that we will do everything in our power to protect hardworking individuals who are trying to earn a living and make ends by locking up criminals like this,” Dhu Thompson, assistant Caddo district attorney said. Prosecutors say the defendant walked into the business, pulled a handgun and demanded money from the clerk. He took just over $100, the ordered the clerk to the back of the store and threatened to kill her, Thompson said. A customer walk inside the business and Johnson left. A Caddo jury deliberated 15 minutes in March before finding Johnson guilty as charged. He later was charged as a habitual offender. Court records show Johnson, for the most part, was arrested once each year since 1978, except the years he was serving time. He was sentenced once to 15 years at hard labor and another time for five years as the result of a parole violation, records show. Johnson faced 66-198 years as a habitual offender. “I don’t see much of a time period where Mr. Johnson was not committing crimes,” Marcotte said. “I think a short period of time will make a difference, and I don’t think rehabilitation is even an issue in this case. “If this man was to be released we’re going to have more armed robberies, more burglaries or even a murder by this individual. This conduct is likely to continue.
That'll definitely learn him - but, 203 years? Wow! When he's released, how long will be on parole?
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