Friday, May 20, 2011

This Man Has Had Sex With 1,000 Cars

Some men love their cars and then some men really LOVE their cars. Meet Edward Smith, who lives with his current "girlfriend" –- a white Volkswagen Beetle named Vanilla -- in Yelm, Washington. In a British documentary (watch, below) about mechaphilia (sexual attraction to machines), the 57-year-old says he's never been attracted to women or men and although his last relationship with a woman was 12 years ago, he he never consummate it. Instead he has sex with cars. "I just loved cute cars right from the beginning, but over the years it got stronger once I got into my teenage years and was my first having sexual urges," he says. "When I turned 13 and the famous Corvette Stingray came about, that car was pure sex and just an incredible machine. I wanted it. I didn't fully understand it myself except that I know I'm not hurting anyone and I do not intend to....There are moments way out in the middle of nowhere when I see a little car parked and I swear it needs loving. There have been certain cars that attracted me and I would wait until night time, creep up to them and just hug and kiss them. As far as women go, they never really interested me much. And I'm not gay.” Well, OK then. Edward admits that most of the cars he's had sex with belonged to strangers or car showrooms. He also insists he's not crazy. Saying, "Maybe I'm a little bit off the wall but when I see movies like Herbie and Knight Rider, where cars become loveable, huggable characters it's just wonderful. I'm a romantic. I write poetry about cars, I sing to them and talk to them just like a girlfriend. I know what's in my heart and I have no desire to change."

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