Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wheelchair-Bound Man Attacks, Tries to Run Over Police Officer

When cops pulled over Joel Perez in Miami, Florida for a traffic violation last Saturday night, he was none too happy. The 29-year-old became so enraged, he struck an officer with a metal pipe then tried to run over the officer with his car after they Tased his ass.
Perez, who is disabled and uses a wheelchair, told the cop, "Someone is going to die today," before shifting his car in drive to ram the cop, police claim. The incident happened earlier this week near the intersection of NW 58th Street and NW 7th Avenue. Two cops stopped Perez for a moving violation and were about to give him a ticket and send the motorist on his way, a police report stated. But Perez, who was driving on a suspended license, started an argument and threatened to hit one of the cops with a metal stick he had inside the car. When the cop told Perez to cut off the car and step out of the vehicle, the angry man didn't comply. "You gonna have to shoot me, bitch," Perez allegedly told the cop. The officer then tried to reach inside the car to take the keys out otf the ignition, but Perez hit him with the metal pipe. Perez was shot with a Taser, but that didn't stop him from putting the car in drive and driving toward the officers with the electrified prongs still inside him, the arrest report stated. The cop jumped out of the way and narrowly missed being hit. Perez's wheelchair, which was strapped to the back of the car, fell off as he tried to make his get away, police said. Police caught up with Perez a few blocks later.
Joel faces a battery of charges including aggravated assault, battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, and driving with a suspended license. Bail was set at $33,000.
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