Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Drunk Driver Mows Down Pedestrian, Drives Three Miles With Victim's Body in Front Seat

James John Onak might just be crazy. Shortly before 1am this morning in Houston, Texas, the 49-year-old struck and killed a man and drove for three miles with the victim's body lodged in his car. Investigators say the driver told them he thought his car struck something but did not know what it was, although the windshield was shattered and the body of the 32-year-old victim was inside the car. According to police, the victim -- who was wearing a work uniform from a Subway restaurant -- had pulled his Ford Explorer into the emergency lane on the Gulf Freeway after it broke down around 12:30am and was running back and forth across the lanes of the freeway when he was hit. The victim went through the windshield and came to rest in the front passenger seat. Police say James drove more than 10 minutes with the body beside him until an officer, who noticed the extensive front-end damage, pulled the car over and that's when then he spotted the body. The victim was found with one severed knee and investigators later found the rest of the leg near the crash scene. James, who was pissy drunk, was arrested and charged with DWI and failure to stop and render aid.

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