Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ex-Employee Sues Wayans Brother For Stealing His Jokes

It's no laughing matter. Jared Edwards -- who worked 10 years (beginning in 1995) as Keenen, Shawn and Marlon Wayans' assistant -- has slapped the brothers with a lawsuit alleging copyright infringement. He also claims the Wayans Brothers breached an implied promise to pay him for use of his ideas. What ideas? Jared claims in 2005 he pitched the idea for a book that would include material like "You know you're a golddigger when you know more about sports players' stats than an ESPN analyst" and the brothers stole his ideas for their book, "You Know You're a Golddigger When..." When the case goes to trail July 12 we won't hear a peep about Jared borrowing $12,000 from Shawn or the fact that he committed check fraud or that he engaged in sexual acts in Shawn's vehicle or that he threw a phone at Marlon. During a pre-trial hearing, both parties agreed that these salacious details won't be brought up in open court. That's a shame.

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