Thursday, June 9, 2011

Judge Mathis is an Extreme Couponer: report

Tough-talking TV judge Greg Mathis, who reportedly is worth more than $15 million and earns $5 million a year for his court show, is not making any friends at Buca di Beppo, his favorite restaurant in Encino, California -- or any friends, for that matter. According to the National Enquirer, Judge Mathis, 51, insists on paying for dinner with coupons and uses a calculator to make doubly sure he doesn't tip more than required. "When he dines with friend, he never pays for their meal," a friend told the tabloid. "When the bill comes he breaks out his calculator and figures out his entire share to the penny." We sort of gagged the first time we read this, but we really don't have a problem with someone wanting to save money. Sheesh, Buca di Beppo, an Italian restaurant chain with stores in 25 states, proudly advertises its coupons so why shouldn't Judge Mathis or any, for that matter, be ashamed to use them?

Speaking of Judge Mathis....Remember way back in 2002 (we believe) when he confronted Wendy on the radio? Boy was it something. The judge came to the show for an interview, but things turned really bad really quickly after Wendy asked him about the allegations that he was caught in a motel room with crack cocaine and a woman who was not his wife. Previously, she had mentioned his alleged affinity for threesomes, his appetite for weed and inferred that the judge was How You Doin!. Well, Judge Mathis blew a gasket, cursed Wendy out and stormed out of the studio into the adjoining studio where her husband, Kevin, was waiting. While there, Judge Mathis allegedly threatened Kevin, asking him: "You want some of this too!" After that encounter, he fired off a gag order to the station threatening legal action against Wendy if she mentioned his alleged drug use or replayed the interview again. Which is why in the latter years of "The Experience" whenever Judge Mathis' name was mentioned, Goose played the horn sound effect.

Source: National Enquirer, June 20, print edition
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