Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Man Tries to Fake Own Death to Get Sex-Change Surgery

A divorced couple from Stillwater, Oklahoma ill-advised plan to get custody of their children has landed them behind bars. Pay attention, cause this gets nutty: According to police, Heather and William Davis lost custody of their children after their underage daughter caught the Williams having sex with a blow up doll. Last month, Heather reported William missing after she dropped him off near a lake. But police found out the scam. The plan was to report William missing so he could get a sex change operation so he could return to the family with a different identity and escape numerous arrest warrants. Eventually, both Heather and William confessed to the convoluted plan and were charged with false reporting of a crime.

In Related News:

While we've heard before of people taking drastic measures to circumvent the law, this is pretty hardcore. Mexican officials have announced the arrest of 33-year-old Aaron Vera Morales, who "had plastic surgery in an effort to evade justice, to change his identity from a man to a woman." At the time of his arrest, Aaron (pictured) was carrying documents with his new identity. He is charged with defrauding a government health agency on a sound system contract, but he will not face false ID charges, because Mexico City law allows people to legally change gender identity. While the Attorney General's Office didn't say whether Aaron had a sex-change surgery, we're gonna say he didn't. Why? He was taken to an all-male jail.

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