Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whitney to Wendy: Watch What You Say

Whitney Houston is sensitive and her feelings get hurt easily -- or so she would like us to believe. According to the National Enquirer, the legendary singer -- who's currently in drug rehab for the third time -- is upset at Wendy for talking about her on her talk show.
With friends like Wendy Williams, Whitney Houston says she doesn't need enimies. One her daytime talk show, Wendy has been regularly discussing Whitney's substance-abuse problems, saying she wants to help the troubled singer. Whitney's not buying it. "Whitney is livid," a friend revealed. "She wants to know why Wendy is always in her business." On her May 11 show, Wendy criticized Whitney for not spending enough time in rehab. "Whitney! You need more outpatient [care]!" Wendy said. The talk show host went on to imply that Whitney is undergoing treatment only so she can pass a drug test required by insurers on the set of the sequel to "Waiting to Exhale". She also said she didn't believe Whitney went into rehab voluntarily. Wendy claims her public advice to the diva comes from a place of "love" and that she only wants the best for Whitney. However, the singer is furious that Wendy -- who has admitted to having used cocaine -- continues to lecture her on the air. "Whitney said Wendy is using her to get ratings and it has nothing to do with being concerned about her," added the friend. "She is tired of Wendy talking about her."
Source: National Enquirer, June 20, print edition
Puh-leeze! We're not buying this report. Granted, Whitney may have a legitimate gripe against Wendy, but it's the Enquirer she ought to be telling to "zip it". They run a story about Whitney every week -- stories like she's still a crackhead, she's dying from emphysema, her daughter is a crackhead and she hates Oprah, just to name a few. The tabloid goes in on the singer harder than "TV Wendy" ever can. Had this been the era of "Radio Wendy", then Whitney would have something to complain about. Now, she just needs to focus on her sobriety and start sanging again.

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