Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WATCH: Delta Airlines Workers Use Man's Luggage as Toilet; Southwest Pilot Flies Unfriendly Skies

To say this (former) Delta Airlines customer is outraged, would be an understatement. The British man who calls himself Sy Haze posted a YouTube video that says he was he was scheduled to fly out of London Heathrow on Saturday, but due to poor customer service, the airline sent his luggage to the wrong destination (Boston), twice, and when it finally arrived at his hotel room in Minneapolis yesterday, his clothes had been urinated on. The airline has since offered him first-class ticket back to London.

Meanwhile, a Southwest Airlines pilot has been suspended after he went on a tirade attacking his gay, old and overweight crew. The rant was broadcast to other pilots and air traffic controllers. Because his headset microphone was stuck, some pilots over that entire geographic area were unable to communicate with Houston Center air traffic controllers for the entire four-minute duration of his conversation.

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