Thursday, June 9, 2011

World's Most Pierced Woman Got Married

As they say, there's someone out there for everybody and opposites attract. That isn't more more true for Elaine Davidson, who's the world's most pierced woman (she has 6,925 piercings. 1,500 that are "internal") who married Douglas Watson, at a low-key wedding ceremony in Edinburgh, Scotland Wednesday. The 46-year-old wore a white wedding gown with wings (!!!) and floral tiara with only her face visible, which was painted green and covered in 192 piercings. Her 60-year-old husband, looked like a banker. He has no piercings or tattoos told reporters: "Elaine looked astonishing. People see the piercings but I see the amazing personality underneath. We have known each other for a long time. We met in a coffee shop in Glasgow 15 years ago and got chatting....We connected straight away and have been together ever since. I am always amazed by the effect her piercings have on people. She's an incredible woman. People think its unconventional but that is the woman she is and people love her for it." To which Elaine add, "If he [Douglas] did not like tattoos and piercings he would not be the one for me. I feel very happy." That's for sure, since she doesn't remove any of her piercings -- ever!


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