Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is Omer Bhatti Janet Jackson's Son?

The rumors that legendary singer Janet Jackson had a daughter many years ago then gave it to her sister Rebbie to raise, are legend. Now, Etterlene DeBarge, the mother of Janet's first husband James DeBarge, has turned that rumor on its head. In an interview with the Enquirer, she says she's absolutely certain Janet gave birth to a child 27 years ago. That child? Omer Bhatti, who Joe Jackson already admitted is Michael Jackson's son. Etterlene is now demanding a DNA test.
"That's Janet son!" Etterlene, 75, told the Enquirer after comparing a picture of Omer with her son James at our request. "That's my grandson! He looks just like James did whe was young. He has the same bone structure and smile. Even the eyebrows are the same. I always believed Janet was pregnant by my son and gave birth 27 years ago. And when I saw her brother Michael with Omer, I knew it was true. Omer is Janet's son."....Etterlene says her son told her that Janet was carrying his child during their brief marriage. "James told me that he got Janet pregnant when she was 18 in 1984," Etterlene, a former gospel singer and matriarch of the famed DeBarge singing family, told The Enquirer. "Janet and I spent some time together back then, and it was obvious to me she was very pregnant. I even teased Janet about it. She laughed it off, but I have no doubt she was carrying a child. I have 10 of my own, so I know 'pregnant' when I see it....Within a few days of my pregnancy comments, Janet disappeared. Even my son James had no idea where she was. When she came back a month after, she was slimmer and there was no baby. Janet told James that she had miscarried. I never believed that, but James said he did." Etterlene said she learned later that Janet was in Europe during the time she would have been pregnant, and she's convinced the Jackson family plotted to cover up the child's birth to protect Janet's fledgling career.

Source: National Enquirer, Sept. 5, print edition
Etterlene tells the tabloid she has a strong suspicion Janet gave birth to the child in Norway and the Jackson family paid a Norwegian family to raise Omer, who's now 27. For the record: Both Janet and her husband of one-year James have denied this. But, Etterlene, who already has 55 grandchildren, says, her son -- and Janet, for that matter -- are lying. She says she wants a DNA test to prove she's right and wishes that one day Omer will "come knocking on [her] door and [they] can be one big happy family." Yeah, good luck with that.

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Anonymous said...

this this weirdo-bitch's child. she's always been the secretive one in the family. hell the whole klan always been secretive with stuff, but it later on catches up with them, like so...per this article. it's her son, and i do believe the other rumor that's been out about her having a damn daughter too.

Harlene Williams said...

I don't understand why it's anybody's business! So many people fell like it's there right to know what's going on in famous people's lives. How dare this so called grandmother demand anything after 27 years. Why did you demand a DNA test earlier like when the man was a child?

Anonymous said...


JazzyPudding said...

I agree with you anonymous..he does look like Rene (Janet's Ex) She's scandalous

Amy Goode said...

there are some things people havnt taken into consideration moat of that family has had plastic surgery ,they are family and families tend to look like other members of family , i had thought bruno mars looks and sounds like michael jackson i thought bruno and omar were the same person ,if those kids were janets son or daughter maybe she wanted to spare them from the hoopla of being a famous persons child their every move is recorded ,followed,hounded, no true privacy or peace of mind .maybe its the reason michael hid his kids faces acting like a nut ball??whats bad the first kid who claimed michael a pedophile turned around after micheals death he admitted that he lied he was never touched.michael didnt have a childhood he started singing at 6 became famous at 9 .im not defending or accusing anyone

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that janet and james had daughter it was in Detroit paper check it out

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