Thursday, August 25, 2011

Woman Sues Cash Money Records After She's Sexually Assaulted at Record Studio

Nicole Westmoreland of College Park, Ga. has slapped Cash Money Records (home of Lil Wayne and co.) with a civil lawsuits after she claims an employee sexually assaulted her. According to the court documents, that were not included in the news report above, Nicole says Cash Money co-owner Bryan Williams (bka "Baby") invited her to give a business presentation at Patchwerks recording studio in Atlanta late one night way back in Dec. 2001. Nicole, who was 19 at the time, "worked at a business that helped people reinstate their suspended driver's licenses." When she arrived with three girl friends en tow, there were 50 people in the building and many of them were using drugs and having sex in the lobby. She said her friends, along with a man at the party, borrowed her car to go to a store and she was left at the recording studio alone. Instead of bailing, Nicole says she wanted to collect her thoughts, so she she asked Alfred Cleveland -- who's described as Bryan's "neighborhood friend" in the court documents -- where the bathroom was located and he offered to show her. She said she felt uncomfortable and "didn't have to go anymore," but Alfred grabbed her, pushed her into the bathroom, and raped her. Then when he was done, he opened the bathroom door and another man walked in. Alfred allegedly told him: "[Y]ou can f-ck that bitch now." But she pleaded with him not to assault her and he obliged. Nicole sued Cash Money and Bryan and his brother, Ronald Williams (bka "Slim"), for negligence, alleging that the rape resulted from their failure to keep the studio safe, but the suit was dismissed on the grounds that there was no evidence that they controlled the Patchwerks premises, there was no evidence of a connection between the rape and any condition at Patchwerks, and the rape was not foreseeable. Alfred was found guilty of the assault and sentenced to three years in prison, however. As for this civil case, Cash Money is denying the claims. The company says Nicole was never invited to give a business presentation and she was just hanging out at the studio. Furthermore, the record company contends, it's not liable for the criminal acts of their employees.

Update, Jan 24, 2012: The case is now being heard and Nicole took to the stand to tell her side of the story.

source: WAGA
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