Friday, September 9, 2011

NFLer Terrell Owens Could Be Jailed For Unpaid Child Support

On a recent episode (watch, below) of Terrell Owens' VH1 reality show, the NFL player is seen boo-hooing and crying poor because he's supposedly unable to keep up with "the mortgage of all the real estate that I do have. And on top of that, child support." All of this while he reportedly earning $4 million from the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010, plus whatever money VH1 paid him for the reality show. His cries for sympathy went on deaf hears. You know who else isn't believing those crocodile tears? His baby mama, that's who!
The mother of a 5-year-old girl fathered by Terrell Owens has petitioned a judge to incarcerate the flamboyant wide receiver for falling behind on child support payments. Owens has not paid for August or September, said Melanie Paige Smith's attorney's, Randy Kessler. The payments are due the first of the month. The 37-year-old Alabama native also did not pay the full $5,000 monthly stipend in June and July. Even though he was unsigned by any team, Owens, who remains a free agent, blamed the NFL lockout, saying he would only be able to pay half the monthly stipend, Kessler said. Smith, the mother of Owens' daughter, filed a petition for contempt in Fulton County Superior Court in August but withdrew it after Owens paid her the full $5,000, along with attorney fees. Kessler said Owens, a Fulton County resident, gave no reason for his refusal to pay. "He texted her and said she could speak to the media, he didn't care," Kessler said. "So she has." Owens, who played last season with the Cincinnati Bengals, was ordered in May 2007 to pay child support for the daughter he had with Smith. According to her suit, his estimated monthly income is $666,000. Owens, who has expressed interest in pursuing an acting career, is the star of an eponymous VH-1 reality show. A judge could decide to jail Owens or force him to pay all back payments, along with Kessler's fees.

source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
When Melanie first threatened legal action against TO last July, he issued a statement, through his publicist, which essentially said he's a good dad who takes care of his kids and Melanie is a golddigger. "Owens has never once missed a payment or fell behind in child support payments for any of his children," the statement read. "When his income changed a few times over the last few years, dramatically decreasing, he continued to pay the child support amounts as they were structured for his previous significantly higher income. For June 2011, Mr. Owens communicated directly with Ms. Smith to let her know prior that he would only be able to pay half of the month’s support payment on the due date. He also will be seeking an adjusted child support amounts based on his current financial situation due to the fact that he is currently unsigned and the NFL is on lockout." Melanie, girl, why are you making such a fuss about $2,500? Is the little girl gonna go hungry? *side eye * We don't know anything about this Melanie chick, so we don't know if she has a job or is just depending on TO's money. Anywhoo, TO's attorney lambasted her and her attorney in a statement, too. ”Mr. Owens has a valid defense as to why the full amount of child support has not been paid in the last few months," the lawyer said. "No family case should be tried in the media, but since Melanie Smith’s attorney believes in trying cases in the court of public opinion before a judge even hears both sides of the story. Terrell Owens will be vindicated in both the Court of public opinion and the Court of law....This is an important matter to Mr. Owens and he hopes to resolve all child support payment modification as soon as possible. Mr. Owens is not currently signed to an NFL team and in the past few years of playing has earned much less than what he did in 2007. It is unfortunate that because of his profile, Ms. Smith finds the need to share this information with the media. This is a private family matter." Sidebar: Earlier this year, TO accused a former employee and stunt queen of stealing $30,000 to live the fabulous life in Atlanta. So, perhaps that was his child support money?

Update, Setp. 27: A day before he was due in court on the contempt charge, TO paid the $10,000 owed for June and July, along with attorney fees.

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