Thursday, September 1, 2011

Son: Funeral Home Has Been Holding Mom's Body Hostage For a Month

A man from Decatur, Ga. says a funeral home has been holding his mother's body hostage for almost a month and refuses to release the body for burial or provide the insurance company with a death certificate until the family pays the $500 embalming fee. That's money Joseph Waller (pictured) just doesn't have. He says his 86-year-old mother, Corrine, has a death benefit of more than $6,500, but he can't get his hands on that money UNTIL the funeral home file the death certificate; the funeral home won't do that until they get their money. “If you don't give the death certificate, there ain’t going to be no money. They said 'If there ain’t be no money, I’m going to give the body to the county and the county’s going to burn the body and throw away the ashes.' And after he said that, I cursed him out,” Joseph said. Hopefully someone sends Joseph some cash to settle his outstanding debt so he can lay his mom's body to rest.


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Anonymous said...

First off, embalming is by NO means required by law in ANY jurisdiction, except if the body is being shipped to another country or in some cases by common carrier. Also, in most jurisdictions in North America, a funeral establishment may not coerce clients into purchasing a product or service as a condition of rendering funeral services.

To sum up, you can go ahead and sue that funeral home for every dime they got, bro.

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