Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why Are There No Black or White Construction Workers in Texas? Three Words: Mexican Labor Gangs

It's hard for blacks to find work anywhere in Texas, it seems. They're not welcome at retail stores and risk death at the hands of racist employers, and now it appears the entire race is being blackballed from the construction business, too. According to Ricardo Charles, who worked 33 years in the business and wrote a tell-all about the shady back door dealings, blacks (and whites) are denied these decent-paying construction jobs by secretive Mexican labor gangs. He says every worker on an industrial construction site in Texas is forced to pay the gang leaders hundreds of dollars before they're hired and $50 or $70 every week thereafter -- or they will be be fired. Ricardo says he's reported this discriminatory and illegal practice to the FBI, which we hope is also offering him protection.

source: KRIV
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