Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Three's a Crowd

Meet Eric Wilson. He's a donkey. When he returned to the home he shares with his live-girlfriend in Anderson, Ind. about 3:30 Monday morning, he brought along company -- another woman. In his mind, he was about to live out a fantasy, so when he asked his girlfriend to join him and the woman in a ménage à trois and she refused, that enraged him. He began slapping and punching his girlfriend in the face and body slammed her against the floor when she tried to escape the apartment. The woman she tried to run into the bathroom but slipped and hit the bath tub. Eric followed her into the bathroom and slammed her head against the tub. Eventually, she made it out but not before Eric, 41, hit her in the head with a rake handle. She suffered bruising to both arms, a swollen eye and a large knot on her head. Eric was arrested and charged with criminal confinement and battery and bail was set at $5,000. It's unclear what the other woman was doing during all of this. Perhaps she thought it was foreplay?

source: WXIN
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