Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Elderly Man Attempts DIY Divorce

Jerold P. Goodwillie, 78, of Auburn, Wash. met a new woman. But that there's a problem: He has a wife of 48 years. Instead of telling his wife he no longer had feelings for her and wanted a divorce, Jerold chose to get rid of her.
Goodwillie told the woman that he'd met someone else, and that he was going to kill her, according to the statement of probable cause. He added he did not want to divorce her, because "I want the money." He then began strangling the woman, lifting her off the ground, investigators said. The woman fought back by biting the man's arm and ran into the kitchen to grab a knife with a 5-inch blade. Armed with the wooden handle of an ax, Goodwillie chased her down and struck her on the head several times, causing a large cut that later required several stitches. Goodwillie took the knife from his wife and tried to slit her throat, investigators said. The woman raised her hand in defense, and sustained a shallow cut across her throat and a deep cut on her thumb. The woman said she ran outside and collapsed, and was followed by her husband, who placed his knee behind her neck and stabbed her at least three times, lacerating a lung. As the woman lay in the grass, bleeding, Goodwillie returned with rubber gloves and tried to suffocate her with a plastic bag, the statement said. When the woman begged him to let her die looking at the sky, he sat down, lit a cigarette and drank coffee, the woman said, complaining she was "taking too long" to die. Goodwillie eventually went back inside the house, and the woman managed to crawl to the side of the house. But when Goodwillie spotted her, he dragged her into the garage and strangled her again until she told him she was about to die and asked to be left alone. Goodwillie responded, "I'm going to sit here until you die," the document said. The woman said she lay very still for some time, and Goodwillie moved her to the bed of his pickup truck before. She waited until he went inside, then managed to escape from the garage. The woman said she could not walk, so she dragged herself out of the garage then rolled down the driveway, hoping to be spotted. But as she was dragging herself down the street, Goodwillie pulled up next to her in his pickup truck. He threw her in the truck bed and drove back to the home's garage. Once in the garage, the man told his wife, "You're going to die here," then closed the truck bed's tonneau cover, locking it.

source: KOMO
This is just awful. Luckily, a neighbor heard screams and called police. They discovered the woman and rushed her to a hospital where she was treated for the stab wounds. Jerold was charged with attempted murder and is being held on $3 million bail. He admitted to stabbing his wife multiple times and beating her over the head with a wooden ax handle. He said mopped the floors and put the assault weapons in the truck bed with her body as he had intended to dump them all somewhere "in an attempt to conceal the assault." Yes, he might just be crazy.
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