Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WATCH: Conrad Murray's Bevy of Jumpoffs Take Stand

We've been following the trial of Dr Conrad Murray -- who's on trial for killing Michael Jackson -- but haven't posted much about the case, save for the bombshells that were dropped on day one. Anyway, on Tuesday the prosecution called most of Dr Murray's stripper girlfriends, including Sade Anding who testified she was on the phone with Dr Murray just before noon on the day Michael died. Then, Nicole Alvarez took the stand. The 29-year-old former stripper is Dr Murray's live-in girlfriend and mother of his seventh child. (Dr Murray is married and has 6 babies' mamas.) Nicole is also a "professional actress" who spends her "working" which is "maintaining [her] instrument." And by "instrument" she means: "Your instrument is yourself." *DEAD!* She may think she's a working actress, but according to IMBD, she only had two roles. In a short film in 2003 and she played the most coveted role of "Hot Chick" in the 2008 film "Days of Wrath." But we digress. During her testimony on Tuesday, Nicole was dressed inappropriately for court (her headlights were on!) and was smiling and laughing directly at the jurors and she became combative with prosecutor Deborah Brazil. Nicole impeached herself. [Her hilarious testimony begins around the 22:45 mark in the video above.]

Here's part 2.

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