Monday, October 17, 2011

Man Jailed For Having Sex With Dog

A Memphis woman is horrified after learning 40-year-old Kimberly Lawson was caught having sex with her child -- a big, strong German Shepherd named Adam. According to reports, neighbors called police after they saw Kimberly pull down his pants get on his knees and allow the dog to "mount him" at least three times within the hour. I can't!!! We wonder if he'll suffer the same fate as this individual. But we digress. The dog's owner, Caroline Morris, says she believes the abuse has been going on for nearly a month because Adam has been acting strange. She says she told Adam it wasn't his fault. She tells WHBG: "I feel like I let Adam down, that's how you feel, as a parent, if you are a parent and your child gets violated like that. You would feel like you let that child down because you were not there to protect him...and that's how I feel..." Cuckoo! Kimberly was arrested and charged with criminal offense against animals. He remains jailed on $7500 bond. Sidebar: How You Doin, Kimberly! Take your position after these other nasty freaks and this lady.

source: WHBQ
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