Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Judge Goes HAM on Conrad Murray, Sentences Him to 4 Years in Jail

Former doctor Conrad Murrary, who was convicted of killing pop star Michael Jackson earlier this month, was sentenced to the maximum of four years in jail today -- but not before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor gave him a verbal smack down from the bench (watch it in full, below). Judge Pastor said Conrad made an "egregious series of departures from the accepted standard of care" that represented a "disgrace to the medical profession -- an honorable profession which bears the blot, the scourge, of what happened here." He added: "It should be made very clear that experimental medicine is not going to be tolerated. And Mr Jackson was an experiment. The fact that he participated in it does not excuse or lessen the blame of Dr. Murray who simply could have walked away and said no as countless others did. Dr Murray was intrigued by the prospect and he engaged in this money-for-medicine madness that is simply not going to be tolerated by me." One aspect of the case has baffled us since it was introduced during opening arguments and that's the recording Conrad made of a drugged-out Michael. He never explained why he made the recording, but Judge Pastor had a theory. "I can't imagine that happening to any of us because of the horrific violation of trust," Judge Pastor said. "That tape recording was Dr. Murray's insurance policy. It was designed to record his patient surreptitiously at that patient's most vulnerable point." Judge Pastor also berated him for his lack or remorse and the documentary which aired a couple weeks ago, in which Conrad blamed Michael for his misfortune. While the judge -- like Michael's family and supporters-- wanted Conrad to rot in jail, the 58-year-old former doctor will not serve that full sentence, because of California's Criminal Justice Realignment Act, which prohibits sentences for certain felonies from being served in state prison. The LA Sheriff's office announced that Conrad will serve a little less than two years behind bars and he will be housed in a one-man cell and kept away from other prisoners. Conrad has been in jail since his conviction an a probation report released today said he was classified as "mentally disturbed" and "suicidal." He will really try to kill himself -- and get completely gray -- when the Jackson family sues him for $102 million to recoup monies Michael would have made from the This Is It Tour and funeral expenses.

Here's Judge Pastor ripping convicted felon Conrad Murray a new one before sentencing him.

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