Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WATCH: Dog Shoots Man in Butt, Another Racist British Woman Rants

Robert Cottingham doesn't want to talk about it, but recently a yellow labrador named Piper shot the 46-year-old in the butt with a 12-guage shot gun.

A Georgia lawmaker has introduced a bill that require those receiving unemployment benefits to volunteer at least 24 hours a week at charities. The Department of Labor may have a problem with that.

Apparently, if a Howard University employee sexually assaults students on campus, Howard administrators turn the other. So, that's a lawsuit! Work study students Mercedes Woodson, Rukayatu Bello and three others say their supervisor, George Bright-Abu, assaulted them last November and when they reported the incidences to administrators, they claim the university wanted them to "overlook" it. George was eventually arrested was charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse and assault and last July was sentenced to 60 days in prison and probation.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, three boys (ages 10 and 11) are accused of attempting to rape an 8-year-old boy in a bathroom at West Philadelphia's Bryant Elementary School. The boys were arrested and charged with attempted rape and the victim has transferred to another school.

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What the hell is going on London's public transport?!!! Last week a woman was arrested after she went on an epic racist rant and now this video of a woman (who looks like the first woman or could be her relative) goes off on immigrants. Quick, someone call Al Sharpton!

A 20-year-old victim who was kidnapped at gunpoint while on her way to the gym then raped by serial rapist, 19-year-old Robert Lauderdale, tells her harrowing story.

This is an outrage! Elderly residents of a Bronx, NY apartment building are risking their life and health and essentially held prisoner in their apartments because the elevator has been out of service for four months. Withholding rent will get the elevator working, real quickly.

Police in Fresno, Calif. are seeking the public's help in identifying the burglar who broke into 91-year-old Marcella Miller's home and shot her in the face.

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