Monday, November 14, 2011

WATCH: 911 Prankster, Deer in Headlights

For the past two years, Assetou Sy and her husband Mamadou Sy have been the victim of more than 150 fake emergency calls to their apartment in a housing project in NYC. According to the couple, police have showed up to their apartment (sometimes three times in one day) for a list of made-up emergencies: fake fires, fake gunshots, fake injuries. Police have played a recording of some of the 911 calls to the couple but they could not identify the voice. Wait, in a post-911 world, aren't cops able to trace these calls? Interesting.

Hey, lil Susie, is that bracelet on your wrist or is that A CRACK PIPE?

Across the pond, a boy's car was booted (which they call, "clamping") as he was getting change for the meter. Infuriated, he called his mother, 48-year-old Julia Hazel, saying he was only gone two minutes before the boot-ation and he needed money to pay for them to remove the boot before they towed it. So, Julia showed up with the money and something else in hand -- a bucket filled with porridge, frozen vegetables and yellow food coloring. She chased the parking attendant around the parking lot and tried to douse him with the yellowy mix. She was cited by police and ordered to pay the company $95 in damages, but she's not sorry about her actions. "I don’t regret it because I believe I was sticking up for everyone who has been affected by the clampers," Julia says. "Everyone has thought about doing the same. People in the car park were even cheering and clapping me." One of those people is Julia's friend, who recorded the spectacle and uploaded it to YouTube.

After Justin Miller used his wife's (Riki Ivey) forehead as an ashtray, she stabbed him several times with what they believe is an ice pick. These two crazy kids.

FYU. That honey you're buying isn't really honey.

Let's hand a Mother of the Year Award to Alysia Malone. After she was stopped for shoplifting at the Sears in Louisville, Ky, she gave cops her daughter's name and Social Security number. When the daughter didn't show up in court (because she had no idea she had to), she was arrested and spent four days in jail before cops realized they had the wrong woman.

Dennis Graham the father of Aubrey Graham (BKA Drake) says his son may be from Toronto, but "he considers Memphis home," which has colored his view on life and impacted his music.

A deer was so paralyzed by fear after it was struck by a car in Huron County , Mich., it stood motionless for 25 minutes in the middle of the road in shock. That's until a Sheriff's deputy Ryan Swartz arrived and physically carried it to the side of the road. The animal eventually regained it's composure and scampered off into the night.

Shirley Wilson, 81, says she awoke to find a asleep on her couch in Pacific Beach, Calif.

And listen to this! Quanell X is one of those people we don't think about. The noted racist, donkey and leader of the New Black Panther Party in Houston, Texas, who is under investigation for running off with thousands of dollars which belonged to people who hired him to pursue racial injustice cases, gave an interview to a radio show this morning in which he claims a local TV station, who by its reporting on the scandal, is trying is entice a black person to assassinate him. Brother, what?!? You can go here to listen to the absurdity.

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