Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WATCH: Courtroom Follies; Woman Loses Friends on Facebook. Quick, Alert the Media!

Last Friday, on the scripted courtroom show "We the People with Gloria Allred" (a show no one watches), was this mess. "Maureen Andrews" filed a $10,000 lawsuit against her son's 39-year-old art teacher, "Kristen Crimsen", because she's been sleeping with her son, "Michael" since he was 15 years old. During a search of the Michael's room, Maureen found racy photos and an email Kristen sent him. This YouTuber didn't upload the entire story, but we were watching it that day in amazement. When asked to explain herself, Kristen told "judge" Allred: "I've never met anyone as special as Michael and I did try to resist the obvious attraction and chemistry between Michael and I, but as his advances continued it became impossible for me to resist." She continued: "There's so much scientific evidence that supports the bringing together of younger men and older women." Obviously, this ish is fake, but still, whaaaaaaat?! BTW: "Maureen" was "awarded" the $10,000 for emotional distress and "Michael" and "Kristen" are getting "married."

Michele Bump from Olive Branch, Miss., who was a victim of rape 18 years ago, says she found pair of underwear in her mailbox. She says her attacker, Jeffrey Hunter, who was recently released from prison, is responsible for putting the pair of draws in the mailbox.

A donkey gone do what a donkey gonna do. And Matthew Cardinale, who's from Atlanta, fell for the old "Pigeon drop" scam.

A Greyhound bus drive has some explain' to do. Last Friday, 45 passengers were on board the bus from Memphis, Tenn., to St. Louis on the female bus driver pulled over and stopped the bus on the side of the road Charleston, Mo. She told passengers she was leaving. She locked the door and went outside to wait for a ride. Passengers called 911 and Greyhound, but it took hours for them to send a new driver, so the passengers had to sleep on the bus.

Reshonda Tate-Billingsley, an author based in Houston, lost 1,200 friends on Facebook. She says someone hijacked her Facebook account earlier this month, created a Paypal account in her name and attempted to change her bank account password. While this is a frightening situation, it comes weeks before her new book is set to be released. *side-eye* (Sidebar: Both police and Facebook say no crime has been committed, therefore they can't get involved.)

When cops in Florida tried to pull over a speeding van early Sunday morning, the driver led them on a high speed chase. Eventually the stopped, but not before backing up into a police cruiser. Cops was able to apprehend the driver -- 27-year-old Susan Bryan, who was in the van with her three kids. Cops say the kids -- who are 3, 5 and 8 years old -- were full of dirt, lice and open wounds, and say none had shoes on.

Trevor MacDonald and Jesse Pierfelice found love in a hopeless place -- while waiting in a Black Friday line outside a Target.

Last week, a teenage boy walked into Airsoft and Hobby World in Santa Clarita, Calif., submitted a resume, but before leaving, he stole a toy gun worth $129. Since all of his information was on file, the folks over at KTLA showed up at the boy's home to find out why is he's an idiot. Is it just us, or, if this boy were black or Hispanic, wouldn't the cops have showed up at his home and threw him in jail? Just sayin'.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, here's a case of the inequalities in the judicial system when it comes to celebrities and us regular folks. After pleading guilty to drug possession, Mecca Hawkins Marson was sentenced to five years probation -- but jailers read that as five years in prison. After two years in prison, Mecca was released.

Meanwhile, in Jacksonville, Fla., a swarm of bats is terrorizing residents of an apartment t complex

In Annapolis, Md., a coward is on the loose after beating 92-year-old Neil Godden with a cane and robbing him of $20. If you know anything, call cops.

At 85 years old, Elizabeth Janet Reilly is one month away from becoming a college graduate.

Georgia is the epicenter of illegal pill mills. Here's a monthly-long investigation conducted by WXIA.

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