Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lady Kicks Son in the Face For Drinking Gatorade

When First Lady Michelle Obama tried to get our kids to eat healthy and reduce the amount of sodium and sugary drinks they consume, she didn't say beat up your kids. Memphis mom Nicole Wright is hardcore. The 36-year-old is facing child abuse charges after she kicked her son in the face repeatedly because he was drinking a Gatorade. True story. According to police, Nicole was at her son's sports practice (it wasn't revealed what sport the boy played) yesterday and spotted the boy with a Gatorade. She immediately asked who gave it him, he told her that a coach gave him the sports drink. However, when she asked the coach, he denied giving the boy the Gatorade. The all hell broke loose. Nicole flew into a rage and punched the boy in the face, threw him to the ground and repeatedly kicked him in the head and neck. The boy was taken to a local hospital and treated for bruises and Nicole was carted off to jail, where she remains on $1,000 bond.

UPDATE, Dec. 12:
Nicole called up the local TV station to tell her story. She says her 13-year-old son -- who's 6' 1" and weighs 200 pounds !!!!!!!!! -- is a problem child and stole the Gatorade. She admits to disciplining her son, but denies kicking him in the face.

source: WFIE
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