Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WATCH: Jennifer Holliday is Still Mad at Jennifer Hudson Over 'Dreamgirls', Man Jailed For Shooting Mistletoe

After all these years, legendary diva Jennifer Holliday is holding a grudge at Jennifer Hudson, who won an Academy Awards for her portrayal of Effie, the character Jennifer Holliday played in the original Broadway version of "Dreamgirls." She really needs to move on with her life.

Go to jail for shoplifting? Kill yourself? Get a criminal record? Get an autopsy report?....Drugs and/or mental illness are no joke!

Treva Griffin, 33, and Lashawn Jordan, 33, of Akron, Ohio are about their money and their education. Well, sorta. Each of the women devised a scam to defraud the government by enrolling in college using fake GEDs and requested a federal grant. Shortly after classes started, they dropped out and the college issued each of them a refund check for about $10,000. Treva was arrested and charged with grand theft and forgery and a warrant is out for Lashawn's arrest.


Scientists from NASA have discovered a new planet that's 600 light years away could be inhabited. The planet -- called Kepler-22b -- may have continents, oceans and a surface temperature of around 72-degrees Farenheight.

William Robinson, a 66-year-old fella from Decatur, Ga., was arrested for shooting mistletoe out of trees with a 12-gauge shot gun. Why? He was planning to use the bush to "spread Christmas cheer" at his office party and to decorate his house.

Meanwhile, Republican students at Georgia Tech are rallying for the right to carry guns on campus. Gee, what could possibly go wrong with that idea?

Eric Garman is hilariously dangerous. Police say he was chasing women down in Harrisburg, Pa. and masturbating in front of them. He can't help himself. He tells police, "whenever he sees a pretty girl it triggers him to masturbate." If you're a pretty girl who was a victim of his lewd behavior, call police.

Speaking of brazen criminals, a man tried to abduct several children in Boca Raton, Fla. this afternoon by offering them cookies, ice cream and money in full view of several adults.

Her name is LuAyne Barber of "Lulu." She's 5'4", weighs 252lbs and she's a pole dancer. Get into it.

How You Doin and Alllrrriiiighhht.

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