Friday, December 9, 2011

WATCH: Crazy People Live Among Us, Pastor Secretly Sells Church

Laurie Martinez really, really, really wanted to move out of her Sacramento, Calif. neighborhood, but her husband didn't share the same view. Instead of breaking her lease or wait till the lease expire, Laurie staged her own rape to get her husband to move. According to police, Laurie, who's a prison psychologist, ripped open her shirt exposing her breasts and had a friend (April Snyder) punch her in the face with boxing gloves and urinated on herself. She told police she came home to find a stranger in her kitchen. She said the man knocked her unconscious, raped and then robbed her. She claimed the man stole her purse, two laptop computers, an Xbox video game console, a camera and numerous credit cards, but in actuality, the items were at April's home. Laurie was arrested and charged with giving police a fake story. There's a warrant out for April's arrest. BTW: Laurie's husband filed for divorce six weeks later.

It's finals week and this Cal State Northridge student is having a meltdown in the library because students were breathing loudly. Cuckoo!

We really shouldn't make fun of the mentally ill, but....Devon Epps is one crazy muddaeffa. Last Sunday, he was evicted from an apartment and when the building manager went to do a walk through, he found the body of a severely decomposed woman lying beside the bathtub. Police say the woman has been dead for months and Devon was charged with murder. He made his first appearance in court hearing today and he took that opportunity to unleashed the crazy.

Poor Dawn Marie McGovern. She's clueless. The 40-year-old Mt. Pleasant, SC woman was arrested recently after a cop -- wearing a hidden video camera -- learned first hand she was giving happy endings after massages in her home -- for $150 a pop. Dawn said that after losing her job a few months ago she needed a way to support herself and pay child support. She said didn't it was illegal as long as she asked permission first. We guess she skipped that chapter in Prostitution For Dummies. She was charged with prostitution and operating a business without a license.

Meanwhile in Memphis, 32-year-old Jermaine Wince, who's a high school campus monitor, is facing statutory rape charges for having sex with a 17-year-old high school student who's also a prostitute. Sad, but not shocking. Everyone teacher down there in Memphis is doing this.

Oh, Madonna. No.

Meanwhile, in San Antonio, Texas, this KSAT news anchor Mark Austin has something in his pants he needs to tell you about.

It might be time for Candice Singh to move. A three-year feud with a neighbor over dog poop came to a head Tuesday. Candice says she was sweeping poop out of her yard and into the street -- like she's done countless times before -- when Leticia Rodriguez pepper-sprayed her. Because of their ongoing feud, Candice installed security cameras outside of her home and the mace-ation was all caught on tape; Leticia was arrested and charged with assault.

Cathy Davis found her son's friend hiding in her closet. He then tried to choke her to death.

Is your hope in humanity waning? Well, let us introduce you to Rod Garrett, an Atlanta man who's been out of work for three years now. This week he found a purse -- containing credit cards, blank checks, and more than $500 in car -- on a train platform and instead of taking the money to feed himself and his family, Rod tracked down the owner and returned everything.

Earlier this week, a home in Louisville, Ky. exploded. Moments before, the homeowner called 911 after hearing a noise from his basement furnace. These are the dramatic 911 calls.

We had no idea a church can be bought and sold, then again, we're not surprised. Members of a Pure Light Baptist Church in Houston are suing after their pastor, Rory Murphy, sold the 100-member church for $125,000 -- without telling the congregation.

Two apartment towers created by a Dutch architecture firm have many stunned thanks to their unmistakable resemblance to the Twin Towers just after the planes hit on Sep. 11.

LOOK: And, just in case you want to see Lindsay Lohan naked, go here. Playboy paid her $1 million for this?!? Lindsay definitely laughed her way to the bank -- after a detour to her drug dealer's home.
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