Monday, December 12, 2011

WATCH: Holiday Cheer, Man Assaults Son For Losing Basketball Game

Not all bad things happen at Walmart. Last week, a man was shopping at the store in Detroit and offered to pay for Yvonne Dixon's purchases. (Sidebar: Someone please tell granny Yvonne its dangerous to have five kids in the backseat of a car.)

Shontell Johnson is an angel. The 30-year-old unemployed(?) Dallas woman is raising 13 children (six of them her biological kids) under meager circumstances, but the community is rallying together to help. It is Christmas, after all.

Speaking of spreading Christmas cheer, Monya Cosby and Evelyn Bell noticed that a a homeless man was living in a makeshift shelter he put together behind a set of dumpsters in Taylor, Mich. The women brought the man, known only as "James", clothes and food almost on a weekly basis and held a fundraiser at a local club and put him up at a hotel just for a night.

Meanwhile, in Huntington, W.Va., Roberta Singleton says someone broke into her apartment and stole gifts intended for her son from under the Christmas tree. We're not sure we believe her story, however.

An Orlando woman was stabbed to death on Saturday after her boyfriend accused her cheating on him and, oh yes, putting voodoo on him and trying to poison him. Leonce Charles, 48, told police he was so angry, he blacked out while stabbing Cecile Freus in the bed they shared. She was found by her children.

Pssst. Have you been waiting to get in on the LCD TV craze but still find the prices too high? Well, have we a deal for you! A new store opening Dec 15 in Phoenix (99¢ Only Store, 4240 W Bell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85308) is offering a 22' Philips LCD TV for the low, low price of 99 cents. But there's a catch, of course. You must be one of the first nine pe... (you're gone, aren't you?)....

Simone Manigo-Truell dos Santos was nursing her four-month-old son at a DMV office in Washington recently when a female security officer accused her of public lewdness. Sidebar: Nursing your babies in public is not illegal, so just ignore those security guards or gawkers.

Remember last week when we told you about the lady who choked her son for drinking Gatorade after a sporting event? Well, guess what? It's happened again. 52-year-old Steven Wilson was charged him with domestic assault for punching his teenage son in the face after his team lost a game in a basketball tournament in Lakeville, Minn. last weekend.

Speaking of the woman who beat up her son for drinking Gatorade? Well, there's an update. She called up the local TV station to tell her story. She says her 13-year-old son -- who's 6' 1" and weighs 200 pounds !!!!!!!!! -- is a problem child and stole the Gatorade. Nicole Wright admits to disciplining her son, but denies kicking him in the face.

Looking for a cab in Baton Rouge, La.? Yeah, good look with that. In other news, if you're looking for a successful business opportunity, open a car service in Baton Rouge, La. You're welcome, America!

A man rear ended a car in Charlotte last weekend. The driver of the car called her son, who's a local police officer, for help. And by help, we mean to sit on the man who crashed into her.

Rodney Loper was sentenced to a year in jail, two years' probation and a ordered to pay a $2,500 fine for leaving his two dogs without food or water for almost five weeks.

62-year-old Sheila Joyner-Pritchard says she was giving some students a tour of Atlanta's Atlantic Station when a police officer slammed her to the ground then arrested.

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