Friday, January 6, 2012

WATCH: Man Gets Ticket For Calling Police to Report Burglary, Pastor Steals $200K From Church

After Sean Street's mother alerted him a burglar kicked in her front door at her home in Westland, Michigan, last night, she called her son who called 911. After an hour of waiting, still no police, so Sean called 911 again. The another hour passed, still no cops. So, he called them again. By the time police arrived, the burglar was long gone. Then a week later, Sean got a citation in the mail for "malicious use of communications device misuse of 911." If convicted, he faces a $500 fine and 90 days in jail. He plans to fight the ticket.

Christy Wilson of Byars, Oklahoma says she'll end up in the hospital -- or die! -- within 60 days when the electricity company is threatening to turn off her power due to non-payment. Christy, who needs supplemental oxygen to survive and gets $693 per month in social security, can't afford the $300 a month electricity bill, but the power company, People's Electric Cooperative, says too sad, too bad.

Rev. Arthur Pearson Sr., 38, pastor of Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was arrested last week after investigators learned he stole $237,374.40 from the church -- which he and his wife used to go on shopping sprees and get their teeth fixed. Basically, robbing churchgoers -- who pay their tithes -- blind. Much like this pastor gone wild. And this fella. At a court hearing Friday, a judge banned pastor Arthur from the church property. What's interesting -- but not at all surprising -- is parishioners (whose money Arthur and his wife embezzled) are standing behind him and want the church to preside over the issue -- not the courts. Which has us wondering what other ungodly things are happening behind those church walls.

Christine Kelly is facing domestic assault charges after she tried to stab her great nephew and daughter with a meat cleaver, a meat fork and two knives in -- where else? -- Memphis!

Meanwhile, in Harlem, NYC, a new DVD is stirring up controversy. The film, Toddlers, shows actors as young 12 years old engaged in violent shoot outs, using illicit drugs and engaged in sexual activity. The film's director says it based in "reality" and akin to mainstream films like The Terminator. What's his point again? Because if we recall correctly, there are no underage actors in The Terminator shooting people and wasn't that film fiction?

Comedian DL Hughley admits to smoking weed and tells jokes on Phoenix morning TV.

De Borah Jones delivered her grand daughter at home with the help of a 911 dispatcher.

Yesterday, child murder Casey Anthony's video blog was pretty much everywhere (except here). Angry Grandpa saw it spazzed out, like he's won't to do. We know, it's a heart attack waiting to happen.

You should probably watch this alone with a "wet susie" (or Rabbit) and cigarette near by. You're welcome.

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