Thursday, February 2, 2012

Coach Demanded Sex From College Baller in Exchange For Rent

A college basketball player is considering his legal options against a former coach who hounded him for some johnson. Patrick Terrell says Frank Lollino Jr. (pictured) recruited him to attend and play for Morton Community College in Cicero, Illinois, but that coach-athlethe relationship soon became unprofessional and uncomfortable when Frank began to come on to Patrick and offered to pay his rent -- in exchange for sex. In his Petition for Discovery filed in court, Patrick's attorney outlined the coach's brazen attempts to seduce the young player: "At some point in late 2010, Lollino set up an arrangement whereby Terrell would have housing close to campus, with Lollino acting as a middleman between Terrell and the landlord to collect and turn over the rent. These housing arrangements were made, in whole or in part, so that Terrell would be able to rejoin the basketball team for the 2010-2011 season. Beginning in or around the winter of 2010, and continuing thereafter until summer of 2011, Lollino began to engage in a course of conduct that caused Terrell to suffer extreme emotional distress and anxiety, including but not limited to: (a) Repeatedly and graphically describing to Terrell various sexual acts that Lollino had performed in the past with both males and females. (b) Constantly inviting and urging Terrell to engage in similar acts with Lollino and others. (c) Offering payment and/or housing assistance in exchange for sexual favors. (d) Asking Terrell to stay in a hotel room with him during an upcoming away game. (e) Constantly contacting and harassing Terrell at all hours of the day and night, via text messages, Facebook posts, phone calls, and in-person visits, even cornering him after practices or games and/or pressuring him to take rides in his vehicle. (f) Sought to obtain promises and assurances from Terrell that the would not tell anyone else about what Lollino was saying or doing. (g) Implying that Terrell might suffer adverse consequences as a basketball player and student if he did not comply with Lollino's requests and demands." Patrick says he reported the coach to the school administration, but they allowed him to continue serving as the basketball coach. Patrick says due to the sexual harassment, he was forced to transfer to another college and forgo all of the scholarship monies he was receiving. Even though he was no longer attending MCC, he says the coach continued to contact Patrick, telling him they had "unfinished business" to tend to and they needed to "work something simple out." Patrick (who you can see a photo of, here)says he "continues to suffer severe emotional aftereffects of distress and anxiety and to constantly worry about the impact of these unwarranted, unpleasant and demeaning incidents upon his reputation and his future as a student, basketball player, and human being."

source: Courthouse News | photo: Fenwick High School
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Anonymous said...

dat shit cray

George Soto said...

This comes to no surprise as Coach Lollino Jr. was also a basketball coach at Lane Tech College Prep H.S. in Chicago and also had similar devastating accusation brought against him by the mother of a H.S. basketball player who was listening to the phone conversations the Coach had with the student. Due to the corrupt administration at Lane Tech Lollino immediately took an administrative leave and suffered no criminal consequences. He was then allowed to return to work at Lane Tech after that students class graduated and the issue had blown over. This was back in 2005.

Anonymous said...

Case was dismissed months ago because it was bs.

Blacklord said...

Yall boolay as hell. we all know lollino dont be on that type of shit. Who eva the fuck came up with this shit is simply a jerk.I along with hundreds of other players played for lollino at austin and something like that never happenedon any account. Its always some clowns out hear who try to damage a good persons creditability espically when some one trys to help u and u are just a stubborn person who denies help,come up with lies to build yo self. u people should be ashamed of your self. T Almighty

Anonymous said...

Whoever thought blackmailing a teacher would be easy.. Well guess what god dont like ugly so what goes around comes around u dumb ppl

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