Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WATCH: Klepto Anchorwoman, More Shady Tax Preparation Companies

Martha Vazquez, who's the 4pm news anchor at a KVOA in Tuscon, Ariz., was arrested last Saturday when she was caught stealing an outfit (which she was probably going to wear while presenting the news) from Dillard's department store. Cops said she stole a $338 jacket and a pair of $20 earrings. She resigned from the TV station, where's she worked for 28 years, this morning.

This is one way of making the mortgage payments. Scott and Beth Hostetler, who are facing foreclosure on their Buena Park, Calif. home, allowed a company to paint their home bright green and orange and affix banners and social media logos to the exterior walls.

LISTEN: Bwahahahaha. A man named "Joe" called into The Boers and Bernstein radio show yesterday to suggest that listeners pray to God for Him to heal Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose’s back, but the hosts (and sound guy) thought it was ridiculous. This is something we missed from the days of the "WWE."

Jason Wilmert's neighbors (and the prosecutors) are shocked and alarmed that he was killing and eating stray cats in Bakersfield, Calif. Cats animal control would've probably euthanized if caught.

Last week, Montclair State University students Olivia McCrae, 19, and Tanasia Linton, 19, reported to police that someone scrawled racist and threatening graffiti on their dorm room door and, as a result, they were afraid for their lives. These attention wh*ores are just that. They made up the whole thing because someone had legitimately threatened gay students on campus and these self-absorbed donkeys wanted some of that attention. They got it. They're in jail facing a slew of charges, including disorderly conduct and false reports to law enforcement.

It's Valentine's Day. No better day than to get married, right? Simone and her girlfriend Brittany, tied the knot this afternoon in a New Haven, Connecticut jewelry store.

Meanwhile, in NYC, bus driver Vincent Mashburn was imparting words of encouragement and handing out roses to passengers.

Jemar Lambert is a cemetery owner who's been arrested for burying at least 100 bodies on neighbors' property. Where did this happen? Guess. Memphis!

Katherine Griffin-Townsend has been through it. After 20 years in and out of the sex and drug industry, she's clean, sober and leading the fight for understanding for trafficking victims.

BEWARE! Don't file your taxes with Instant Tax Service or with HFC Tax in Houston. According to customers, the tax preparation companies have been filing tax returns for people without their permission, holding their tax returns hostage until -- get this! -- they paid the ridiculously high filing fees. As we've said before, most people can get their taxes prepared and filed for free at any IRS office.

We don't know what they're selling, but we'll take one in every color.

A 90-year-old Orange County woman, who had been asked by her son to give up her driver’s license, mowed down a family of three in Fullerton, Calif.

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