Monday, February 13, 2012

WATCH: Lady Fakes Brother's Death to Get Time Off from Work, Exorcism Insanity

A woman from Greely, Colorado has some 'xplain' to do. She submit a fake obituary to a city newspaper (which the newspaper printed) claiming her brother is dead in order to get some time off from work.

A lawyer from Newton, Massachusetts has threatened to sue the Cheesecake Factory after he found a ..... Our apologies, we read that wrong: He's threatening to sue the restaurant chain for not listing the prices of cocktails on their menus.

Pastor Michael Demastus, who leads, Fort Des Moines Church of Christ in Des Moines, Iowa says he didn't he would receive backlash for putting up the sign "Gay is not OK" outside his church. Idiot. Bigotry is not OK.

This is why the Internet was invent. What. The. Phuck!

Dana Cotto of Pawtucket, RI says her baby shower was ruined when her relatives got into it with her baby daddy's friends. Three people were stabbed.

After 20 years as a radio DJ, "Reverend" Bob Larson has moved onto to his new career -- an exorcist -- and thousands of idiots are paying him $495 an hour to "rid" themselves of demons. This ish is pure comedy. Put it on pause and go grab some popcorn.

Natia Wade, 13, is a thief. This afternoon, her aunt shamed the teen by making her hold up a sign that read: "I steal from my family" on a busy Memphis street corner.

Michael Wayne Adams has been jailed for flashing women throughout Charlotte, NC while riding his bicycle.

The owner of Instant Tax Service in Oak Park, Michigan admits his employees have stolen (and cashed) customers' tax refund checks, but he's waiting for proof from police that this was a case of stolen checks and fraud before he issues customers new checks. Hilarious. Teshea Wilson wants her $6,000 .

Drugs are the devil.

Cody Stephens has the highest GPA and was on track to become the first black valedictorian at Gainesville High School in Gainesville, Georgia, but school officials have decided to name a white student co-valedictorian. Cody's mother says it's racist. If you recall, the same thing happened in Arkansas last year.

"Sleep texting" is a thing and it's ruining lives, apparently.

LOOK: Convicted felon Chis Brown's performance at last night's Grammys resulting in some extremely frightening reactions from young girls.

See the rest here.
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