Thursday, February 9, 2012

WATCH: Life-Saving Fun Bags, Parenting WIN!

Not this crazy, tragic, attention wh0re again. Last Sunday, Shayla Hershey (who may have been drunk) crashed her car into a tree. Because her vehicle's airbags didn't deploy, she just used her world record-breaking 38KKK breast implants. Apparently not enough people knew about her supposed "near-death" experience while driving under the influence, so she called up the local TV station and held a press conference. *side eye*

Illegal cab drivers at NYC's JFK Airport were not too happy to see this reporter from the Fox affiliate. Drama ahead!

This is awesome. You should watch it. A man named Tommy Jordan discovered his 15-year-old daughter was talking trash about him -- and complaining about how her life is unfair and unbearable -- on her Facebook page. She's a brat. After putting her on blast for being a disrespectful, ungrateful brat, he fired several rounds from a .45 caliber pistol into her laptop. That'll learn her.

Rebekah Fair says a Brazilian Blowout treatment she received at a fitness center damaged her hair and caused pain in her joins and legs. She's seeking $1.5 million.

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