Friday, February 10, 2012

WATCH: Polite Burglar, Chain-Smoking 97-year-old Woman Faces Eviction

A woman from South Bend, Indiana says a man broke into her apartment on Monday night and made himself at home. According to tenant Ashley Murray, the burglar -- Keith Davis, 46 -- cooked a meal of chicken and onions, folded her clothes up, swept the floor and took a nap. Police believe Keith, who lives in the same apartment complex, was high on drugs and believed the apartment was his. He was charged with breaking and entering. We wonder what drug drug he's on and do they make it for lazy teenagers?

Ann Pettway, 51, who snatched a 3-week-old baby from a NYC hospital 23 years ago then raised the child as her own, plead guilty to kidnapping on Friday. She faces a minimum of 10 years in prison.

The owners of an assisted living facility in Vero Beach, Florida have served 97-year-old Jane O'Grady with eviction papers because she smokes almost a pack of cigarettes in her apartment and smoking is not allowed. Dems the rules. But, still, she's 97!

In Los Angeles, Whitney Houston attended a pre-Grammy party and this happened.

This is the Black Sea. It's frozen solid.

Police in Houston are looking for Diego Martinez, 42, who shot and killed his wife Martha Nava De Martinez, and her friend, Omar Salazar.

Meanwhile, in Phoenix. This is so sad. At a funeral today for 20-year-old Moses Taylor -- who was struck in the the head with a clothes iron and killed as he tried to break into a man's home half naked last month -- a huge brawl broke out inside the church. So sad.

The Chicago medical examiner finally decided what to do with the hundreds of bodies that have been piling up in the morgue. This after noon they held a mass burial for 22 adults and more than 70 children, babies and fetuses.

Phone thief caught red-handed.

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