Thursday, March 8, 2012

WATCH: Lottery Winner Uses Food Stamps Because She Has TWO Homes and No Job + Gas Thievery

Poor Amanda Clayton. The 24-year-old who won a $1 million Michigan lottery jackpot (which she used to buy a house and a new car) still receives food stamps and people are outraged. Sheesh, what do you want? Her to get a job? How dare you! Amanda tells WDIV: "I thought that they would cut me off, but since they didn't, I thought maybe it was okay because I'm not working. I feel that it's okay because I mean, I have no income and I have bills to pay. I have two houses." She may actually have to find work, now, because after this news report aired, Michigan Department of Human Services (which we assumed was flooded with angry calls and e-mails) cut Amanda off.

Christian Washington, a fourth grade student at a charter school in Washington, DC, says he asked his teacher to get up -- but the teacher responded by taping him to his chair. That teacher has been placed on administrative leave as the school "looks" "into" the "matter."

Meanwhile, in Springdale, Maryland, two students were jailed for robbing a fellow student at gunpoint in the school gym.

Christopher Lynch, a drag queen known as Pasha Nicole, will spend at least 14 years in prison after pleading guilty to child exploitation for pimping a 16-year-old boy.

↪ With the price of gasoline approaching $5 per gallon, people in Detroit are punching holes in car gas tanks to steal fuel.

Brittany Rachelle Martinez, a 24-year-old emergency medical technician with two children, asked a friend to hire a hit man to kill her firefighter husband of four years, Adrian. According to prosecutors, she gave the man $500 and provided her husband's work schedule ( where the dates March 3and 5 circled) and made sure the hit man had a photo of him. She offered to pay another $1000 to $2000 when the job was done. Brittany didn't care what kind of weapon was used, "she just wanted the job done." Divorce would be much cheaper, no? Coincidentally, days after she paid the man the money to kill her husband, Britanny took to her blog to write: "In the overall plan of the year, Adrian and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary this coming October, for which we will be throwing a formal party/vow renewal. We will be able to have the wedding we didn't get to have and say our vows again, this time truly understanding what those words mean. I have picked out the dress, we decided on the venue and the rest is a simple case of creativity and saving. Eeek, I'm so excited! :)" She was arrested Tuesday and charged with solicitation of capital murder. If convicted, she faces life in prison.

Larry Clement, 57, a part-time employee at a funeral home in Toledo, Ohio, has been charged with corpse abuse after he was caught fondling the genitals of a dead woman. It was reported that the funeral told the family about the abuse then offered them a free casket and funeral (which cost $11,000) if they didn't report it to police. Which sounds odd. A funeral home spokesperson denied the family was offered a deal and noted the company wouldn't have told the family in the first place if it wanted to cover anything up.

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