Thursday, April 19, 2012

WATCH: Lady Bites Another Lady After Argument Over Parking Spot + Gay Man Kidnaps, Tortures Man He Met Online

A 22-year-old San Francisco woman suffered serious bite marks to the chest and arms after another woman (32-year-old Sara Gillian) mauled her over a parking spot. According to police, Sara was in a car with a man waiting for a parking spot when the 22-year-old woman (who was also traveling with a man) swooped in and tried to steal the spot. (Another report says Sara was blocking the other woman's driveway.) All hell then broke loose. All four began to fight and Sara latched on to the other woman and bit her repeatedly. Sara was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon; the victim and the two men were not charged.

Mother of the Year Jessica Overton was arrested and charged with child abandonment after she abandoned her 4-year-old son and 10-year-old sister at a McDonalds in Mobile, Alabama for two hours this morning while -- wait for it -- she went to meet her probation officer. We hear you asking. Jessica, 20, was on probation for theft and "dissemination of obscene material." Is that code for child p0rn?

Justin Moore is a donkey. The 20-year-old from Charlotte, NC is facing third degree assault and battery charges after he jumped into a reporter's live shot, snatched the microphone from her hand and began screaming "I am that [N-word]."

Saturday at the Coach outlet store in Santa Fe.

Jo Wollacott bought a $1 bracelet on eBay and suffered abscesses, hives and hallucinations - she even lost her boyfriend, her job her home and her mind -- as a result. Wait, what?

↪ Failing to honor someone's safe word will probably get you 25 to life. A 45-year-old man said he met 47-year old Robert Wendell Thompson online and traveling across state lines to meet, sparks flew. The two engaged in a consensual sexual relationship which included domination, but the man claims things got weird and Robert kidnapped him. Then it get weirder. According to police, Robert abused the man, including intentionally and repeatedly burning him with a cigarettes, forced drug use, injected him with HIV-positive blood, forced ingestion of vomit, and repeated sexual assaults. Oh, hell no! Robert was arrested and charged with domestic violence assault, sodomy, sexual torture, and unlawful imprisonment.

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