Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WATCH: Man Strips Naked at Airport + Man Tries to Eat Illegal Tax Return Checks

50-year-old John E. Brennan is tired of TSA agents harassing him, so he took off his clothes while going through airport screening at Portland International Airport Tuesday evening in protest. We were going to say he was suffering from "dehydration" and "exhaustion" like the woman who stripped naked at Denver's airport last week, but in an interview John said he did not arrive at the airport with the intention of getting naked, but the TSA crosses the line between privacy and security. He decided to protest after he was pulled aside after going through the metal detector and a pat-down, he said. "The most effective way to tell them I'm not carrying a bomb is take off my clothes," he said.

Tiffany Callicutt is a nutjob. That you know. Weeks after she was jailed for pretending she and a Memphis police officer are a couple, she was arrested and charged with stalking. Girl!

Anthony Hensley, 37, who was working for a company hired to keep geese away from a Chicago apartment building drowned Saturday after he fell into a pond when a swan used to keep the geese attacked him.

Are those illegal checks in your pocket or are you happy to see me? They are illegal checks. According to police, Marc Sainte Juste, 45, arrived in Fort Lauderdale on a flight from Haiti. During a secondary examination by US Customs, the agent noticed a bulge in Marc's right front pants pocket. The agent asked the ask the man to remove the object, which turned out to be an envelope. When he was asked to turn over the envelope, Marc began to eat the contents -- which turned out to be more than $66,000 in tax refund checks made out to 10 different people. During questioning he said that he was given the checks from individuals in Haiti and instructed to turn them over to someone at the airport. According to the arrest report, Sainte Juste said he was supposed to get 25 percent of the money for transporting to Ft Lauderdale. He was arrested and charged with 10 counts of identity theft.

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