Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WATCH: Sperm Donor Doesn't Have to Pay Child Support + Sweet Brown Reacts to Internet Fame

Professional bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman wanted to help his friend have a baby, so he donated his sperm to a California sperm bank and the lady gave birth to triplets -- then she sued him for child support. Even though he never agreed to be a parent, he was forced to pay her $5,000 in support, but an appellate court has ruled he shouldn't be paying that donkey any money. Now, will she be forced to repay him? This will only get more interesting. We'll stay on it.

Obviously, this lady who took off her clothes after she was caught smoking inside a terminal at Denver International Airport, is suffering from "exhaustion" and "dehydration"."

George Zimmerman, who shot an unarmed Florida teenager dead on Feb. 26, has gone rogue and his lawyers held a press conference this afternoon to reach out to him or drop his a client. Something is amiss.

Meanwhile, in Pontiac, Michigan, teacher Brooke Harris says she was fired from a her school for organizing a fundraiser in honor of slain Trayvon Martin.

Residents of a Kevin McCrary, who once appeared on "Hoarders", think it's time the show do a revisit.

Meanwhile in Queens, NY, residents say their neighborhood is overrun by squirrels.

Shock! That crazy Haitian lady is NOT the winner of the Mega Millions lottery in Maryland. Three local school teachers claimed their prize.

Frankie Forsh, who was mauled by three pit bulls near her home, has slapped the dog's owners and handler with a $1.25 million lawsuit.

This lady is one brazen thief. She walked into a Sam's Club in Daphne, Alabama and walked out with a 55-inch TV.

This happened in South Africa. This sort o stunt can definitely put you in a wheelchair -- or worse.

Anitra Hicks, 18, arrested and charged with a slew of charges in connection with throwing her newborn baby in the trash. She said she didn't hurt her baby and didn't even know she was pregnant. Her mother, Patricia, says: "She gave birth to her baby and she thought she was having a bowel movement. The baby came out in the toilet. She didn't know she was pregnant. We didn't know she was pregnant." So, why didn't someone call 911?

The case against four men who attacked a gay man in Atlanta is still on the docket. Brandon White is also denying reports he knew his attackers and was threatening to out one of them.

↪ Meet Sweet Brown. The Oklahoma City eyewitness to a fire that left her homeless is famous. Since the video below has gone viral, the local TV caught up Sweet to get her reaction to her new-found fame. She says: “I’ve been shown it, but I don’t like looking at it because I don’t like looking at myself like that because I look like a joke and I was really serious!”

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