Friday, May 25, 2012

Baby Daddy Drama Plays Out in Florida Courtroom

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Eva Hartman, 34, was arrested Wednesday and charged with domestic battery after she caught her baby daddy in bed having sex with another woman and then repeatedly Tasered them both with a stun gun attached to her key chain. In a stunning twist, the baby daddy was in court yesterday, pleading for Eva's release. Alvin Hennis, 42, told the judge: "It was pretty much my fault. We were supposed to do something together that morning and I forgot. I went to my house and things happened." According to the police report, this is what happened: Early Wednesday morning, Eva walked into Alvin's home in Margate, Florida, through an unlocked door. She went into the master bedroom and found Alvin slaying his current girlfriend, Cordelia Rose, 32. Eva was enraged and stormed the bed yelling "You and I just had sex last night!" She Tasered Alvin and the woman before she was pushed out of his house. Cordelia told police her boyfriend ordered her to stay in the locked bedroom as he and Eva were fighting outside. But Cordelia went out of the house through a window. Trying to make it to her car, she was stunned on her neck and arm by again. This amused Eva and the other inmates. In the end, she made bail and was ordered to stay away from Cordelia.

source: WTVJ
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