Friday, May 18, 2012

Father of 30 Kids is Demanding Taxpayers Pay His Child Support

Desmond Hatchett is special. The 33-year-old Knoxville, Tenn., resident and father to an astonishing 30 children (the youngest is a toddler and the oldest is 14) with 11 different women went to court this week to ask the state -- meaning taxpayers -- to help him pay for child support because he's struggling to make ends meet on his minimum-wage job. He told the court he needs a "break" from making the payments. Someone did the math and figured out that since Desmond is required to turn over 50 percent of his wage, some of his baby mamas receive a whopping $1.49 a month!!! Desmond, you're irresponsible and selfish. Go get 29 more jobs and support your own darn kids! And wear protection or get a vasectomy. What does these women see in him? I mean, really? If he's swinging like Everton, then we can possibly understand the intrigue.

This is Desmond in 2009 when he had 21 kids and he couldn't support any of them then.

source: WREG
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