Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Naked Man High on Drugs Eats Man's Face

Zombies are coming! Last Saturday in Miami, 31-year-old Rudy Eugene was shot to death by police after he refused to stop eating a homeless man's face. According to reports, Rudy was naked and high on LSD (or "bath salts") apparently had the munchies attacked 65-year-old Ronald Poppo, who was half-naked, on a bike path along a busy street. Rudy ate "80 percent" of the man's face -- including his eyeballs, cheeks and nose. The victim was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he remains in critical condition. There's huge chunk (sorry) of this story that's missing, but guess we'll never really know. We won't get get into it (HUD!). Anywho, we've seen the graphic photos of what used to be this man's face (it's a photo that can't be unseen) and if he survives -- which is a long shot -- he's going to need many reconstructive surgeries and a face transplant. PS: Say no to drugs!!!

UPDATE: Here's video of what happened before the face eating. It appears it was a random attack. Friday night Rudy was acting strangely at his girlfriend's home then he drove to South Beach to check out the Urban Beach Week activities. He abandons his car then walks to the foot bridge where he encounters the 65-year-old victim. In the surveillance video, Rudy punches Ronald several times and drags him feet first down on the pavement. Ronald doesn't seem to fight back. Then we presume Rudy began to consume the man's face. After 15 minutes the police officer arrives and shoots Rudy but he "growled like a wild animal and kept eating at" Ronald's face. The officer fired several more rounds, killing the cannibal. His autopsy showed nothing unusual, but toxicology screens, which test for drugs and chemicals in the blood and body, won't be known for several weeks. Wonder what it will show.

Update, June 1: The 911 calls are beginning to trickle in.

sources: WSVN | WFOR
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