Thursday, May 17, 2012

Racist NYC Nightclub Caught on Camera Being 'Racisty'

Circle, a Korean nightclub in New York City, has a long been viewed as a racist establishment. According to would-be patrons, the club doesn't allow anyone in who's not Korean. When Patrick Thomas recently showed up with his Asian girlfriend for a night of dancing and libations, the bouncers and the gate-keeper (the guy with the infamous clipboard) told him he couldn't get in. The nightclub says it doesn't discriminate and allows anyone "with a reservation" in, so legendary reporter Arnold Diaz showed up with a camera crew and decoys and proved that Circle Nightclub is, in fact, discriminating against non-Asians. Shame! Shame! Shame! Sidebar: The worst part of all of this is the bouncers are black and they're discriminating against their own people. Shame on them, too!

source: WNYW
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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Mr. Diaz this club was caught red handed. I personally think they didn't' let the man in because be wasn't' t that attractive. The man the club let in was attractive. A club is'nt just going to let any old person in regardless of race if your not attractive. I'm not trying to say that makes what the club did right but maybe just maybe that was the other reason they didn't let him in?

Ella Fleming said...

I feel sorry for the people who want to party at this Korean nightclub but cannot get in. We can't blame the club owner too, if he's being racist. He's the owner, after all. But, c'mon, the owner should have put a sign in the entrance, at least, like "Sorry, but only Koreans and guests are allowed" or "Sorry, but only Koreans and guests are allowed as of now" or something like that, so those interested on getting inside would be informed and would not have to wonder or wait.

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